Danish Invitational 2016 | @ raceservice.lazy.se



  • Danish invitational is organized by VSK-Danmark

    Tournament is for invited skippers only.


  • Isaf (RRS) 2013-2016 with the exceptions, mentioned in VSK-Danmarks general rules of racing.
  • The event is held in Virtual Skipper 5, ACC boat.
  • Racing format and dates.
    The event will be held on Mondays the 18. And 25. Of January 2016. And Tuesdays the 1. And 8. Of February 2016 all days at 21.00 CET.
    There will be two races each day totally 8 races. Discards 2.
    Maximum participants are 40. If more than 20 participants there will be two servers. Servers will be named DK invitational(A resp. B)
  • Points
    Lowpoint system appendix A.
  • This is NOT a team competition, and scoring will be for individual only.
  • Protests
    Described in VSK-Danmarks general rules of racing.
  • Protest Committee(PC) are Spirillen(Søren), Jammie Dodger(Ben), Yokko(Petter), Ivanhoe(Ivan)


A winner’s Acc Skin and a diploma will be presented to the winner.


To register for the race

Please press on the link "Danish Invitational SI" below.