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WELCOME to an ocean of opportunities for both organizers, judges and participants!

We offer a time-saving, functional and complete web environment with access to ready-tailored features that simplify race events. Imagine that you get a own website containing everything you need, for free!

The Sailing Committee manage their regattas / races through a ready management system, via an (SC)-account. See Example. Automatic functions handles notifications and waiting lists, manage email communications (automatically). Protests are handled and displayed on the "bulletin board" automatically. Callings and notification to the parties involved be sent by e-mail automatically.

Protest Committee manages the current protests in an integrated automated system via one or more (PC) accounts. A judge can monitor, filter and manage protests lists and take advantage of automatic support functions. For example, announce judgement, lists with quick overview of the protests to be treated, usually decisions "boat for boat" on the same page, linking to the rules to be included in the judgment. Suffix ((P) and (A) ... (E)) which shortens the possible decision text. Decided protests both posted and communicated automatically to the relevant parties via e-mail, which also contains a link to the protest.

Participants can sign up from the side of the competition (Highlight your boat, a single mouse click, done!). Participants have an overview of their own notifications with links to the regatta information. An electronic form of protest, makes a protest fast, safe and easy to write. The protest form links to Boat name and requested / invoked rules. The rules have pop-up aid to the definitions directly in the text that facilitates understanding.
When the protest is saved an email is sent to all the the parties involved, automatically. The protest is named and announced on the "bulletin board" automatically.

Good for everyone! - The rule texts in the Racing Rules of Sailing includes support of smart-pointing pop-up links to all definitions. Smart-pointing links also appear in the definitions, because other definitions appearing in the texts - see ie ”mark-room”.

The pages are modern, responsive and tailored to phones, tablets and computers.

Here are the advantages on this pages:

Sailing Committees:

  •     Adding up an invitation from which several different competitions (regattas - hierarchically below the invitation) is connected and which is published as needed (on / off).
  •     Adding up the various regattas that one can store and activate (on / off).
  •     Send group mail to all participants who have signed up for either a race or regatta.
  •     Determine the administrative procedures, for example on how to signal (SignUp function). A single race or an entire regatta, or both?
  •     Adding up several race - which is a sub-page to the regatta side - where protests created against the right race.
  •     Send out an email to all the participants, for each regatta or race (depending on previous SignUp-function selections)
  •     Earnings per race with viewing the regatta-page comprehensive compilation.
  •     Automate protests. When a protest created by the participant is automatically sent an email out to all the "Yacht name" as it has protested. The protest was created as a sub-page under the respective race.
  •     Protests are created and managed without requiring the least effort by officials.
  •     Change and donor in its own pages
  •     Monitor the number of notifications
  •     Receive email with information (eg Yacht name) each time an automatic notification is received by (on / off).

Protest Judge:

  •     Manage protests of high automatics - with the full support of all the rules and definitions
  •     Read the definitions of a rule by mouseover function for each definition.
  •     Click on a definition of a rule and bring up the entire definition in a new tab, where even the definition itself can contain more definitions with the same opportunities.
  •     Generate automatic verdicts of several boats at the same protest (situation) with text description on each boat and the opportunity to Copy Paste text from rules and definitions
  •     Manage up to 6 boats in the same protest.
  •     Inserting the rules relating to a decision against particular boat that links the rules. (Definitions are explained in each rule with mouseover links + in turn)
  •     Automatic Mail out the verdicts to the participants every time when a protest is defined as clear and finally judgement is done - occurs automatically when the verdict is saved, and "The protest is ended" box is activated,
  •     Automatically connect it to the respective legal race, from which they also suitably treated (Unfinished protests who need defence can be found through several different ways of paths)
  •     Quick list with all the rules overall handling Liberation (Will shape of a relief careless about it sometimes - that boat to be freed)
  •     Quick list with all the rules overall handling Compensation

Tip - contact lazy.se and get a free login with the "sailing Committe" or "judge" to consider all the great new features.

Contestants / Participants have an easier management they can:

  •     Enter by a single mouse click - requires that you put up an account * (which then makes it easier for everyone)
  •     Create automatic protests mailed out to interested parties when marked as completed by the protesters.
  •     Obtaining email as soon as they are involved in a protest in the moment it is saved.
  •     Surf to protest via the attached direct link and easy to read the rules and give a comment.
  •     HOT - Full access to all the rules (Section 1-3) - with mouse-over effects, as well as links to all the definitions contained in the rule - if you log in.
  •     HOT - Full access to all definitions, in turn, mouseover, and link to other definitions are included as a concept in the described definition.

* = This database is unique significant to hemsidan-Lazy.se:s user who not have any connection with the user accounts that will be placed in to this website's database.

(Please test now to put up their own participant user account, see the links at the top of the page - you will receive permission to "participator" directly, thereby gaining access to the racing rules)

Welcome to a world ocean of new opportunities for both participants, judges and organizers - welcome to the raceservice from lazy.se which is free to use